Voluntourism Feels Really Good

By Amanda Klimak CTIE
by Amanda Klimak

Our own Paul Largay and his friend, Dr. Peter Jacoby, recently completed the Fireball Rally, to raise money for The Missing Children Fund.

The “vacation” was hard-earned. And the accommodations were, shall we say, not what our heroes are used to. But the sacrifice was well worth the effort.

The two left Independence, Ohio, in an ambulance sponsored by American Airlines, and sporting shag carpet. Racing against real celebrities, pro athletes, and the reigning world-champion-female-lumberjack, the two pointed their GPS for the coast.

With 300,000 miles, held together by Loehmann Blasius Chevrolet, the team, and a great many others, wished their ambulance worked as well as their siren.

7 days later, the two rolled into Bangor, Maine- tired, but pumped. They had just completed a road trip too big for their vehicle. And way bigger than themselves.

When he returned to the village green in Waterbury, near Largay Travel headquarters, Paul was triumphant but short for words (which is saying something).

“There’s no feeling like it,” is all he could say.


2 Responses to “Voluntourism Feels Really Good”

  1. Norma Spadola says:

    Bravo! You have made my day… but then again I am in Newfoundland so it doesn’t take much! LOL
    Way to go. There is definitely a movie somewhere in here… Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to star!
    Enjoy- keep having fun and can’t wait to hear more!
    Nurse Norma

  2. Lena Brown says:

    Go Spindoctors I know you crazy guys can do it! Come driving in with the red lights a blazing!!!

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