Bhutan – Day Three – Wondering how the day could possibly compete with the last two days….

By Paul Largay
Bhutan Discovery

Kristen, Peter, Reenie & Paul Hiking in Bhutan

Our day started off with yet ANOTHER fabulous breakfast and early morning four hour hike to a sacred temple overlooking the village of Thimphu.  The weather was divine and was only exceeded by the views we had earned as a result of our assent. 

After a gourmet picnic lunch on the summit, we all gleefully headed into town to purchase a personal Bhutanese ‘dress’ to wear at what we knew were some very special upcoming events.  The madness and mayhem that ensued during the purchase at the store could have provided for some exceptional late night comedy or conversely, resulted in a life sentence in one of the local lockups….can you say Midnight Express sequel!  The locals/ merchants were obviously as happy to see us arrive as they were to see us depart. 

Peter & Paul shopping for some local wears

Peter & Paul Shopping in Town

From the store we headed out on what had to be one of the most, unique drives/transfers of my life.  To reach the next Aman property we climbed/ traversed three dramatic mountain passes for five hours which afforded us panoramic views of the snow covered Himalayas bordering both Tibet and China.  How cool!

Throughout the course of the drive, I don’t think I have EVER felt so connected and so unexpectedly at peace to such a remote, yet mysteriously inviting locale.  Upon arriving in Gadgety we celebrated our patience with a glass of fine red wine and a tour around the eith room property.  The most amazing aspect was that aside from the generator, which provided light and electricity to our hotel, the entire community and town had no electricity or running water.  We couldn’t help but think about how incredible and enhanced the star gazing would be after dinner.

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