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The Art of Packing

By Nancy Borzino   Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Your departure date is quickly approaching.   The air tickets have been paid and your passport has been issued.     You now have the daunting task of packing.    With the airlines now charging for the number of bags you check in, it is so important to plan your packing strategy.  

Bring only the clothes that are necessary.   Packing extra clothes “just in case they are needed” will only cost you in baggage charges.  If you are traveling to an area where it will be cooler in the morning, you need to bring clothes that you can layer.  That sweater or jacket liner can always be removed once the temperature rises.   Mix and match clothing is another way to limit the number of articles you need to bring.  

Limit the number of shoes that you pack.  Take along a comfortable pair of walking shoes/sneakers to wear during the day for your sightseeing excursions and a pair of sandals for your day to the beach.   In addition, one pair of slippers and one pair of dress shoes should be all you need.

Consider using roll-up space saver storage bags.   Place your clothes in the bag, zip the seal, and roll out the air.   These bags allow you to pack up to twice as much and organize your clothing.   You will be amazed at how much you can fit into your suitcase.

Bon Voyage!